567 Club of Manitoba


Minutes of Meeting - Oct 4, 2012


Meeting held at Bronx Park Community Centre with 7 members in attendance.


MOTION by Bernie N., seconded by Wayne R. to accept the minutes of the minutes of the meeting of Sept 6, 2012.



Treasurer’s Report


1         Jean Marc reported a current bank balance of $XXXX, paid out Modern Earth $31.49, $50.00 to Gary F. as per motion made at Sept meeting.

2         We had a guest from MAAC, Gary Glowa, he discussed the new technical inspection standards that are coming for modified vehicles. Gary addressed concerns regarding where the MAAC money was being spent and spoke about the Collector Car Appreciation Day event.


MAAC Report


3         MAAC meeting was held September 26, 2012.

4         The bank balance was just over 36000.00.

5         Collector plates talk is still on going.

6         MAAC is working on a new constitution.

7         Date for world of wheels is April 5,6,7 2013, there are seeking Car Club Displays.

8         He talked about a Power Tour July 22-29 2013.


Old Business


      9    567 Club had a good turn out for the Tavern United and Pony Corral Club feature nights.

      10   At the Fab 50s car show Gerry M won the best 567 award.



New Business


      11 The Club is looking for suggestion on where to have the Club Christmas dinner, to be held            at the end of Nov or first week of Dec.


Next meeting to be held on Thursday, November 1, 2012, at 7:30 p.m. at Bronx Park Community Club at 720 Henderson Highway. Jean Marc will not be in attendance.