567 Club of Manitoba



                                  Minutes of Meeting – Nov 1, 2012


Meeting held at Bronx Park Community Center with 10 members in attendance.


MOTION by Ken K. seconded by Rick P. to accept the minutes of the meeting of         Oct 4, 2012



Treasurer’s Report


No report     Jean-Marc not in attendance


MAAC Report


1.       Minutes had been sent by E-Mail prior to our meeting

  1. A comment had been made in the Free Press of the popularity of out of town shows versus in town shows. A suggestion was made that maybe car guys are staying away from the city because of police checks. MAAC distanced themselves from this suggestion. Comment was made at our meeting that we have talked this topic to death and let’s move on. As long as our vehicles are safe we should have nothing to worry about.
  2. MSRA is back with MAAC. They feel that they got their point across.
  3. MAAC were concerned that many clubs support the organization but don’t attend meetings.
  4. Elections for executives are coming up.
  5. See E-Mail for balance of MAAC minutes


Old Business


1.      Toy Run was very well attended and the weather was good

2.      Thank you to everyone who submitted suggestions for locations for our Christmas Party

3.      Ken thanked Bernie N. and Rick P. for their help in dealing with the two choices of restaurants to host our supper

4.      Our supper is slated for Nov. 24 at Shooter’s. We will be getting a private room. Cocktails are at 6:00 and dinner is at 6:30. Price is $20.00 which includes tax. Tip is extra. There will be 4 choices and Ken will send an E-Mail to confirm your attendance and choice of menu item. Please reply SAP. We will be playing a game involving gifts with a value of $10.00 per person. This will also be covered in Ken’s E-Mail

  New Business


1.      As in the past it was decided that we cancel our December meeting.

2.      Bernie N. is selling a 350 small block & 700r transmission. Asking $3000.  Will sell as unit only. If interested call Bernie.

3.      Super Run will be in Brandon this year on Aug. long weekend


Next meeting to be held on Thursday, January 10, 2013 at 7:30 p.m. at Bronx Park Community Club at 720 Henderson Highway. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS THE SECOND THURSDAY OF JAN.