567 Club of Manitoba



Minutes of Meeting – March 1, 2012


Meeting held at Bronx Park Community Centre with 12 members in attendance.


MOTION by Jim B., seconded by Ken A. to accept the minutes of the minutes of the meeting of February 2, 2012.



Treasurer’s Report

 ·          Jean Marc reported the current bank balance to be $XXXX with 15 members paid up to date.


MAAC Report

 Ray M. reported as follows:

 ·          MAAC bank account stands at $37,105.00.

·          Collector plate issue is ongoing.

·          MAAC members met with MPI on a proposed inspection manual.

·          MAAC started a new technical committee and is looking for volunteers.

·          MAAC will run Collector Car Appreciation Day in 2012, with a budget of 3,000 allowed and likely to be held on Friday, July 13, 2012.

·          30 clubs have agreed to proceed with insurance through MAAC.

·          For the events book in 2012, Winnipeg Free Press has agreed to partner with MAAC.

·          Free Press will include the magazine in one edition of Free Press.

·          Events calendar will be posted on the website as well.

·          MAAC executive wants to up date its constitution.

·          About 10 spots left for Pony Corral Sunday night evenings.


Old Business

 ·          Bingo Bowl was a success, and all members appreciated their meals.

·          Ken A. extended a thanks to Bob F. and Russ for the financial contribution towards prizes, with everyone in attendance receiving a gift before they left.

·          Rich P. will follow up on jackets.

·          Bob F. indicated a need for volunteers to assist with the St. Patrick’s Day event at Bronx, and details to be sent out by email.

·          Gary F. pointed out some problems with our website, and between Bernie and Gary, they will look into it.


New Business

 ·          Ken A. will contact Pony Corral for a Sunday evening, for hosting by 567 Club.

·          Jean Marc circulated NAACC cards and Mark’s Discount Cards for 567 members.

·          Veert Landscaping Inc. is hosting a swap meet on March 17, from 8:00a.m. to 2:00p.m., located at 88 Veert Road, off Forbes Road and south St. Mary’s Road.  Visit www.veert.com for more details.

·          Ken A. mentioned an event for Habitat for Humanity, for a Saturday in the summer.

·          Tim S. is looking for a four door 56 Chevy parts car.

·          We will try to set up a membership card for the next meeting.


Next meeting to be held on Thursday, April 5, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. at Bronx Park Community Club on 720 Henderson Highway.