567 Club of Manitoba



Minutes of Meeting – April 5, 2012

 Meeting held at Bronx Park Community Centre with 12 members in attendance.


MOTION by Bernie N., seconded by Janice B. to accept the minutes of the minutes of the meeting of March 1, 2012.


 Treasurer’s Report

 ·          Jean Marc reported the current bank balance maintained at $XXXX.

·          Jean Marc will hand out 2012 membership cards for those paid up members.

 MAAC Report

 Ray M. reported as follows:

 ·          $40,737.97 in the bank account after the recent audit.

·          World of Wheels was quite successful.

·          West Kildonan Community Club is having an event on June 9, 2012, and looking for cars to be displayed.

·          MAAC received an invitation from MPI and WPS for the Driver’s Ed Challenge on May 26, 2012.

·          Collectors’ plates being investigated by MAAC and MPI.

 Old Business

 ·          Ken A. has booked June 10 as our night to be the feature club at the Pony Corral, and members should be made aware of that date.

·          Membership cards are now available, and will be handed out to paid up members.

·          Rick P. reported that jackets can be obtained through Xpressions on Pembina Highway (ask for Mark).

·          Bernie N. reported that website issue appears to have been resolved.

·          Bob F. reported on the Irish Celebration event at Bronx Park, and indicated that those who helped out, namely: Jean Marc and Heather; Wayne and Diane; Bill and Mave; Wayne and Lynn; Tim and Gwen; and Ken and Kathy received a thank you by email earlier in the month.

 New Business

 ·          Bob F. mentioned a work party for Bronx equipment may be required likely during May, and further details will be provided.

·          Tim from Dr. Hook has car parts for a ’55 Ford four door, and is asking for $2,000.00 (call Jim B. 757-7933 for contact information).

·          Rich P. mentioned a 567 Chevy four door for sale (approximately $9,000.00 – contact Rich P. for further details).

·          Jean Marc has volunteered his home for 567 barbeque sometime in June;

·          Jerry M. won cruiser of the year at World of Wheels Car Show, as well as best in his class.

·          A & W coupons circulated.

 Next meeting to be held on Thursday, May 3, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. at Bronx Park Community Club on 720 Henderson Highway.